If you are thinking of creating a dynamic career in health care, studying nursing would be a great place to start. It is a popular profession and there is no better place to access premium health care training, knowledge and professional skills other than from the top institutions in the world. A nursing degree offers students the chance to explore contemporary issues in the areas of health promotion, maintenance, advocacy and care. Studying nursing in the UK for the first time will require you to study for one of the four fields of nursing: adult, children’s (paediatrics), learning disabilities or mental health. However, a few universities run dual field nursing degrees in which you can combine two of the fields during a four-year degree.

International students pursuing nursing can find opportunities in a wide range of settings, from hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities, neonatal care and community health.

The following are main fields of nursing:

  • Adult nursing
  • Children’s (paediatric) nursing
  • Learning disabilities nursing
  • Mental health nursing

Studying within one of these fields will allow you to concentrate on the needs of a particular set of clients. You can study nursing at foundation, diploma, bachelor or master’s level. Each university sets its own entry requirements for the different stages.

Also, some universities offer MSc Nursing (Pre-registration) which prepare graduates for the intricate, challenging, and rewarding career of nursing. This is an opportunity for graduates from a range of backgrounds to transfer their skills to become a registered nurse. Requirements for this program varies for each university offering the course.

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